Friday, February 13, 2009

My First Three Angels!

Some of you may know my story, but most of you don't. I have had 5 babies, but only have 2 here with me. So here are the stories of the first three.

Payton Ryleigh

Payton Ryleigh was my first daughter. I found out I was pregnant on February 18, two dayse before my husband's 25th birthday. I was so excited that I forgot his birthday, at least until his mom called. I told my husband that morning that we were going to have a daughter.

The first half of my pregnancy was normal, no problem. Well, besides the fact that I had to take my hubby to the hospital for labor pains, I swear I could have set a time to them. Well, 20 weeks along I wasn't feeling her move. My doctor would listen, and brush it off because she was hearing the heartbeat (great doctor right?). I asked again at 28 weeks, and she still would not do an ultrasound.
At 31 weeks I went for a check up, and she didn't measure me, but said all was fine. That night after the visit, I started hurting in my hip so bad I couldn't move. So I ended up in the ER, and was sent up to the labor and deliver Department. I kept joking with my hubby about them sending me to the L&D, I wasn't in labor. They measured me, and I measured the equivalent of a person at 41 weeks pregnant, a full 10 weeks farther along than I should have been. One of the other doctors from the OB/GYN office came in and did an ultrasound, and there was this tiny baby floating in a ton of amniotic fluid.

I was sent to a hospital an hour away by ambulance, not a fun ride. I spent 5 days in the hospital, and was told that my baby (I didn't know the sex yet) only had a 5% chance of survival. The doctors gave me the option to teminate, but to me that wasn't an option.

I went back to my ob back home, and she told me that if my baby hadn't moved by 36 weeks she would have ran test. WHAT!!!! I realised then she was insane, and transferred to the Maternal/Fetal Specialist an hour away. He convince me to have an amnio done. I found out the following Monday that I was going to have a girl. That Friday I went to a check up and they did an ultrasound, and found out the baby had died. I was put in the hospital that day and induced. She was stillborn at 2:10 am on September 30th 2000 at 36 weeks.

Kolby Greyson

We made the decision to try again after 3 months. I got pregnant in April of 2001. I decided to start out going to the specialist for my visits. I had ultrasounds about every 4 weeks. Everything seemed normal, until 31 weeks. The doctor noticed that Kolby was smaller than he should have been that far along. Kolby did kick and that was wonderful, since I never felt Payton move. I was sent to the hospital for testing, and Kolby wasn't responding. The only option I really had was to wait it out and see what happened.

At 36 weeks, the doctor decided to go ahead and induce. Kolby was born at 10:50pm on November 30th 2001. At that time the pediatric staff was there to tube him so he could breath. I didn't get to see him. After about 5 hours I was allowed to go to NICU to see him. Long story short, we had to make the decision to take him off of life support at 17 days old.

We were fortunate to have the Ronald McDonald House to stay in. They had the best staff.


In 2003 we decided to try for another baby. I found out i was pregnant February. On April 4th (mine and hubby's 5th anniversary) I knew something wasn't right. My ob got me in and did an ultrasound and we found out the baby had died. I had a D&C on April 12th.
I think I got depressed more after this loss than the first 2. I think I gave up hope of ever having a baby. My husband and I had talked about kids before we ever got married, and it was something we both wanted.
Good News

Well we never gave up. I got pregnant and found out on Easter of 2004. This pregnancy went well, and Brennan Grady was born on November 6th of 2004.
Again in 2005 we decided to try for one more and in August found out I was pregnant again, this time it was a girl. Iveigh Meadow was born on March 24th 2006.

We finally had 2 babies of our own.


  1. Wow, what a story, tragedy and triumph. Glad to hear that you are now a happy family with two kids. Good for you for being strong enough to try again, many would have let defeat take over.

  2. Bless you! I am very sorry for the loses you have had. I could only imagine!! You have 2 beautiful and wonderful children now and you couldn't be luckier. You are a very stronge person to try again and again! Your family is very blessed and I hope you and your family a lifetime of happiness and joy.

  3. Wow, your story brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for all of your losses, but am glad to know that you finally did have two beautiful little babies. This is a true story about courage and never giving up.

  4. Deciding to have children definitely opens your heart up to both great joy and sadness. It's part of life I guess. I'm glad that you were able to share your story and I hope that it helped a little in the healing process. My daughter just got out of the hospital this week and you really realize that it is your children who are your keystone in life.

  5. Wow, I'm not sure I would have had your courage to keep trying but congratulations to you for two beautiful, wonderful children.

  6. God Bless you! You are a very brave and faithful lady.

  7. This story made me tear up. I couldn't imagine how horrible you felt after three times.
    I am so glad that everything worked out though. I am so happy for you. :D

  8. Oh, wow. I actually started crying. I'm so sorry that that has happened to you but so glad it ended up working out, they are beautiful.

  9. I have tears in my eyes too...I can't even imagine going through this pain once...and to be strong enough to have hope and determination after 3 are an inspiration! Congrats with your two beautiful kids!

  10. You had me in tears. I been through it once but couldn't imagine going through that 3 times. Your children are beautiful. I have heard alot of good things for the Ronald McDonalds house. I am glad someone was there to help you. HUGS!
    On a side note I have nominated you for a Lemonade award. Just go to my blog for more information. It maybe a little while before my post is up about the nominees and rules.

  11. What an inspirational story! (((HUGS!!!)))

  12. Your story is quite a tear jerker! I bet you are so thankful for the children you have! I know how that feels because after I had my son I was told I can't have any more and I'm lucky I didn't lose him. Blessed be the days that you carried your children well, and you have a happy family now!