Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Shopping Cart!

There are quite a few great food shops on etsy. I currently have items from two of the shops in my shopping cart. I have previously ordered from both of these vendors and know their products are top notch.

Double Dipped Sweets

I have this fruit bark in my shopping cart. I have ordered the pina colada bark on 2 different occasions, and loved it both times. This time Krista is going to make a special request that I have based on an apple I purchased from her.

My other Item from Krista is this Pina Colada Caramel Apple. I loved the bark, and know I can't go wrong with an apple. I have a little something extra that I want her to add, but Krista is great at working with her customers!!


The other food vendor that I've purchased from previously, and am going to purchase from again is Justbakin. I have her Pecan Pie Bars in my shopping cart. I have to order 1/2 with chocolate, for me, and 1/2 without chocolate for my hubby, who doesn't like chocolate. She also loves to work with her customers to make sure they are happy.

My Shop

I have this Caramel Apple in my Arfire Shop, Shine Your Hiney Soap.


  1. YUM!! You need some kind of warning for people before they read this post lol!


  2. This looks great! Thanks for featuring me, and I love JustBakin' too!

  3. Thanks so much!!! It all looks so wonderful!!!

  4. Oh wow! That looks so delcious! My mouth is watering! I have seen double dipped sweets before and I die every time I visit her shop! JustBakin is new to me but looks just as good. Mmmmm! Hope you enjoy your orders! :D

  5. Oooh, that all looks so GOOD! I feel like I could eat that soap too, Lol!

  6. Whoa! Here I am eating a healthy piece of fruit that I would rather replace with the items in your posting! Yummy!!!

  7. The apple soap is wonderful!

  8. Oh my gosh, they all look sooooo yummy. I will definitely have to go check out those shops!

  9. Mmmmmm.... I don't think I've smelled your Caramel Apple. Remind me about it next time I see you.