Friday, January 23, 2009

What I'm working on today.

I'm finishing up two Soap Saving Monsters for orders.

What in the world is a Soap Saving Monster

A soap saving monster is a crocheted cotton sack that you put your soap into. Mine just happen to look like monsters. They have a drawstring that you pull to close so the soap is secure. There is no need for an additional washcloth.

How do you wash the soap savers?

Simple. You remove the soap, and toss it in with your towels.

Why would I want a Soap Saving Monster?

Well, you may not, but I bet the kids in your life would. My kids have a hard time managing a washcloth and bar soap, but the soap savers simplify it. It's all in one, they just use the monster and scrub with it. Plus, monsters are fun!!

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