Friday, January 23, 2009

Wow, that's a lot of color!!!

I love color, and the brighter the better. No, I don't wear crazy colors, but I love it in the items I buy. So here are a few items that have a lot of color.

This Ohhh Ducky Its Paul Frank Sock Monkey from bluesaphire's shop is adorable. Who doesn't love duckies?


This Huge Passionate Pink and White Flower Hair Barrette, from FuzzyImit, is bright and cheerful. It's also on sale, so you get a great deal!

What do I have that's bright?

I have this bath mitt and soap set. You can choose your bath mitt color, and soap.


  1. Fun picks! The bright colors make me yearn for spring even more.

  2. I want that barrette! I want to get outfits to match them like Neecey does on Clean House (actress from Reno 911)